"The Word Became Flesh" Trump Billboard

While driving South on I-35 in the town of West, TX, I saw the strangest billboard.


At first I was shocked. Then I couldn't believe my eyes. Then I wasn't sure what message was intended.

Was it the most blasphemous billboard ever ... had the pro-Trump people finally lost their mind and proclaimed him the Messiah?
Or was it some sort of joke?
Or was I mistaken?

After I delivered the truck to Ryder, I looked at billboards on my way back North. I found the electronic billboard that I thought was the right one, but none of the changing messages was this crazy one.
So I looked online for any evidence of other people seeing it. Well I finally found it today. I guess a bunch of people were shocked by it on a billboard in St. Louis, MO.






I guess these guys are the ones who paid for it:


Their pinned post on their page says this:

We met as a team last night to discuss how much hatred we’ve received for our efforts to encourage fellow believers in holding fast to the faith. We prayed that the facebook page would be a community for fellow Christians to be encouraged at what God is doing in the world and to find out how they could, like our president, be a part of being God’s presence in making America great. But the hateful comments and mean spiritedness from liberals and atheists drowned out the voices of Christians in this country. These reflect the level of unfair deranged media attacks on the President in general and his supporters. Our billboard IS NOT equating Jesus with President Donald Trump. Salvation comes only from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, not any man. But God does send his messengers to us, and just as King David liberated the faithful in his day, President Trump is doing this today through his protection of the unborn, defense of our land against foreign invaders and standing up for Israel. He surrounds himself with champions for Christian Rights –Mike Pence, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh. Compared to the disaster of a president we had in Obama, how is this not the “word become flesh” for Americans? As Christians we must not stand against God’s will despite the persecution we face for doing so. We will be taking the facebook page down as it has become a place full of disgusting cruel comments and a complete lack of scriptural understanding. But we are not defeated. We draw our strength directly from the Lord as well as from the teachings of evangelists such as James Dobson, Franklin Graham, John Gray, and Jerry Falwell Jr. and many other voices who encourage us in our mission.

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