1st Waiting Room Visit for South Dallas Planned Parenthood February 9th, 2019

I will be visiting the waiting area at this Planned Parenthood location today:

South Dallas Abortion Services Center

It is a evil spiritual stronghold, so I will appreciate your prayers for Kat and me today.

https://prestonwoodpregnancy.org/contact-us/#locations is the closest Pregnancy Center to this location.

I have been convinced the last few months that God is leading me to cross the lines from sidewalk to waiting room activism. Many wonderful people do sidewalk advocacy, but I have more experience stepping over legal barriers, so I will join those that have this job.

Since last fall, when I decided this was the best path for now, I have been looking up others that are willing to break some laws to unsettle this abortion business. I have been inspired by stories about Mary Wagner:


and those doing Red Rose Rescues:


This seems like a fine, non-violent way to oppose abortion centers, and meet women who need help.

For info on the other side of this debate: http://www.dianedew.com/sanger.htm


I will be using one of these flyers:


I will be handing out this flyer from Kat today.

update: The PP was not open this Saturday, so we will schedule another day and/or location soon.

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