2nd Visit to Planned Parenthood South Dallas February 11th 2019

Here are my notes from outside the front door:

I walked up to the door at 1:15 pm. They have 2 sets of locked doors. A nice office worker greeted me and asked what i needed. I said i wanted to come into the waiting room and pray for ladies and hand out flyers. She said they would probably not let me do that. I said i would wait outside and pray. Another nice lady popped her head out of door and asked the same. She said i could go around the wall to the sidewalk to pray. I said i wanted to do more than that today. So she said she was calling the police. I told her "i understand"

The Dallas Police showed up in about 15 minutes and told me I had to go across the street. I didn't really understand that, so I went out the sidewalk and walked back and forth for a while. I walked down the street after maybe 15 minutes and the cop drove past me towards the big hospital around 2pm.

During my time there, only workers came in and no "clients" where around. A worker went in a side door. They are not ready for outsiders to visit or even be on the property.


Interesting article from way back in the days of Operation Rescue in 1991:



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