3rd Visit to PP South Dallas Feb 13th 2019

I crossed the sidewalk at the Planned Parenthood South Dallas Abortion Services Center yesterday. I walked the parking lot, approached the front entrance (which has 2 locked doors), and out to the street, while holding a "Pray for Women Born and Unborn) sign. The Dallas police showed up within 15 minutes. They said they agreed with me about abortion, but told me I cannot break laws .... they are God's servants on this earth ... Romans 13 ... I wasn't going to accomplish anything .... and most importantly ....
3 times they told me .....
They were just doing their job.

I was arrested, when I told them I was not going to cross the sidewalk away from the abortion center.

I spent the next 14 hours at the Dallas County Jail at 111 Commerce



My trial is 3/7/19
Frank Crowley Courts Building
Second Floor
133 N Riverfront Blvd.
Dallas, TX 752020

Case number: M1952508

Current state of Texas funding of PP

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