The End Game - Episode 12 - Fred Hickey

The End Game (with Grant Williams and Bill Fleckenstein) is one of my favorite financial podcasts. They have had some sage old hands at investing and macro trends, that I have loved. These are long form interviews trying to figure out the End Game of things like the US Dollar system. This episode is with one of their friends, that I can't believe I have not run into already.

The End Game episode 12

Bill and Grant are joined by their mutual friend, Fred Hickey, author of The High Tech Strategist for over 30 years.

Despite a couple of technical glitches, what follows is an extraordinary deep dive into Fred's process for producing his incredible monthly letter, an examination of gold's role in a portfolio and some detailed explanations as to why gold and, in particular, some of the companies that pull it from the ground have an important role to play in The End Game.

Yes, Bitcoin is discussed. No, Bitcoin fans won't like what's said, but their time will come so don't let that distract you from what is an absolutely phenomenal contribution to our search for The End Game...


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