Investment Journal for March 2020

Investment Journal for March 2020

March was an exciting month. After slow steady growth of the stock market for years, we had a fast crash. The S&P500 hit bottom on March 23rd at 2237. I had to scramble to make funds available and bought a few things on March 27th including 2 stocks I have always favored (Berkshire Hathaway and Southwest Airlines). So no boring "nothing good for value investors to buy" month here. :)


New Jersey Mining Company (NJMC), Northern Idaho

(small Silver producer)

$.149 ended $.157 up 5%

Ford (F)

They have their debt problems including pensions and such, but they are cheap on P/B, P/E, P/S, EV/EBIT, P/OwnE.

Bought at $5.225, but it was down at $4 on the 23rd, and I wasn't fast enough.

F ended at $4.83 down (8%)

The Acquirer's Fund (ZIG)

They invest 130% on low EV/EBITA stocks and short 30% on the glamour stocks with high acquirer's multiples. This fund is a good way for me to get a pile of cheaper stocks and short others I hate, since I don't short in my brokerage account. Fund is run by my Australian guy Toby Carlisle and I love his podcast.

$19.91 ended $19.79

Cambria Global Value ETF (GVAL)

This is a good way for me to buy value stocks that I don't have access to in my account in many different countries. Run by Meb Faber who runs another podcast I enjoy.

$15.275 ended $15.41

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) Oh-Muh-Ha, Nebraska

Hopefully people will think that Buffett and Munger have lost their touch, so I can afford more at reasonable prices to their book value and long term earnings. :)

$178.79 ended $182.83 up 2%

HanesBrands (HBI)

$8.61 ended $7.87 down (9%)

NACCO Industries (NC), Cleveland, OH

They run coal mines located next to electicity generation plants.

Low ratios across the board

$28 ended $27.98

Southwest Airlines (LUV)

The airline that doesn't declare bankruptcy in every cycle. :)

$39.84 ended $35.61 down (11%)

Murphy Oil (MUR) El Durado, AR

Explores for and produces oil. They used to own Murphy USA stations.

$6.05 ended $6.13


Crimson Wine Group Limited (CWGL), Napa Valley CA,

Feb ending $7.19 March ending $5.84 down (19%)

Natural Gas Services (NGS), Midland, TX

Feb ending $9.88 March ending $4.46 down (55%)


Feb ending $16.67 March ending $13.97 down (16%)

S&P 500

Feb ending 2954

March 23rd 2237 down (24%)

Mar ending 2585 up 16%

Month down (12%)

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