Investment Journal for October 2020


(AG) First Majestic Silver
Large Silver producer in Canada which hold inventory for better prices

(CDE) Coeur Mining
Idaho Miner

(CEL) CelCom Israel
Largest provider with cheap multiples

(GGZ) Gabelli Global small and mid-cap value
I get more global value companies and Gabelli keeps buying his closed end fund

(HL) Hecla Mining
Another Idaho Mining company

(JOF) Japan Small Cap
Japanese small cap value closed end fund based in NYC

(PFIN) P&F Industries
Small company that makes air tools in Melville, NY

(XOM) ExxonMobil
Former largest cap in US … at this rate they will be a small cap, with a nice dividend

Added to position:



(GME) GameStop
Sold after 1 month at $14.60 for 134% gain .... as of january it is up to $65, so I was too soon

(HBI) Hanes Brands
Sold out for 95% short term gain


(BRK.B) Berkshire Hathaway

(CWGL) Crimson Wine Group Limited

(DEEP) Deep Value ETF

(F) Ford

(GVAL) Cambria Global Value ETF

(IBAL) International Baler

(KRYPY) Kerry Properties

(LUV) Southwest Airlines

(MARPS) Marine Petroleum Trust (held for dividends)
Stock went crazy when they lifted their dividend

(MUR) Murphy Oil

(NC) NACCO Industries

(NJMC) New Jersey Mining Company

(NGS) Natural Gas Services

(PSLV) Sprott Physical Silver

(QRTEA) Qurate Retail

(RDS.B) Royal Dutch Shell B shares

(STNG) Scorpio Tankers

(TACO) Del Taco


(WCRS) Western Capital Resources

(ZIG) The Acquirer's Fund

Equally weighted Unrealized Gain for month .53%

Silver 2%

Our competition:

(SPX) S&P 500 down (3%)

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