Investment Journal for November 2020


(IEP) Icahn Enterprises
Investing along Carl Icahn … right now his stock is down

(IPI) Intrepid Potash
Cheap Colorado Potash miner

(KSS) Kohls
Low price probably because like all retailers they are supposed to die by the hand of Amazon

(SGDJ) Sprott Junior Gold Miners ETF
A way for me to buy small gold explorers and producers

Added to position:




(AG) First Majestic Silver

(BRK.B) Berkshire Hathaway

(CDE) Coeur Mining

(CEL) CelCom Israel

(CWGL) Crimson Wine Group Limited

(DEEP) Deep Value ETF

(F) Ford

(GGZ) Gabelli Global small and mid-cap value

(GVAL) Cambria Global Value ETF

(HL) Hecla Mining

(IBAL) International Baler

(JOF) Japan Small Cap

(KRYPY) Kerry Properties

(LUV) Southwest Airlines

(MARPS) Marine Petroleum Trust (held for dividends)

(MUR) Murphy Oil

(NC) NACCO Industries

(NJMC) New Jersey Mining Company

(NGS) Natural Gas Services

(PFIN) P&F Industries

(PHYS) Sprott Physical Gold

(PSLV) Sprott Physical Silver

(QRTEA) Qurate Retail

(RDS.B) Royal Dutch Shell B shares

(STNG) Scorpio Tankers

(TACO) Del Taco


(WCRS) Western Capital Resources

(XOM) ExxonMobil

(ZIG) The Acquirer's Fund

Equally weighted Unrealized Gain for month up 13.6%

Gold down (5%)
Silver down (4%)

Our competition:

(SPX) S&P 500 up 11%

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