Investment Journal for 2020

If you had Bought, Sold, and Held the same items as the Kanning Investment Club during the year (on an equally weighty basis):

Realized gains on sales 76%

Dividend yield 1.7% (on Ending Balance) vs S&P500 1.6%

Unrealized gains 37% vs S&P500 16%

Gold 25%

Silver 48%

In my personal account

Realized gain 51% (CHK cigar butt, burnt my fingers)

Dividend yield .5% (on Ending Balance, most purchases later in year)

Unrealized gain 23%

Gold 1%

Silver 75% (I bought both later in the year so had varied returns)

I think the differences between the equal weighted and mine was because the biggest gainers are my smaller positions. I need to up my buys on the obscure stocks.


(AG) First Majestic Silver

(BRK.B) Berkshire Hathaway

(CDE) Coeur Mining

(CEL) CelCom Israel

(CWGL) Crimson Wine Group Limited

(DEEP) Deep Value ETF

(F) Ford

(GGZ) Gabelli Global small and mid-cap value

(GVAL) Cambria Global Value ETF

(IEP) Icahn Enterprises

(IPI) Intrepid Potash

(HL) Hecla Mining

(IBAL) International Baler

(JOF) Japan Small Cap

(KRYPY) Kerry Properties

(LUV) Southwest Airlines

(MARPS) Marine Petroleum Trust (held for dividends)

(MUR) Murphy Oil

(NC) NACCO Industries

(NJMC) New Jersey Mining Company

(NGS) Natural Gas Services

(PFIN) P&F Industries

(PHYS) Sprott Physical Gold

(PSLV) Sprott Physical Silver

(QRTEA) Qurate Retail

(RDS.B) Royal Dutch Shell B shares

(SGDJ) Sprott Junior Gold Miners ETF

(STNG) Scorpio Tankers

(TACO) Del Taco


(WCRS) Western Capital Resources

(XOM) ExxonMobil

(ZIG) The Acquirer's Fund

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