Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School

I guess I am late to the party. I just realized where the philosophic roots of this Politically Correctness, Antifa, Militant Feminist, Social Justice Warrior wave came from.

I was listening to an episode of the Tom Wood's Podcast with Paul Gottfried and things became more clear.

Here are some other links:

From way back in 1992

from Zero Hedge in 2016

for a nice rogues gallery here is the site

PJ Media interview

From Marx to Hillary and all the insanity in between

video covers ugly material and would be Rated "R"

Father Charles E. Coughlin

Wikipedia "Commonly known as Father Coughlin, he was one of the first political leaders to use radio to reach a mass audience, as up to thirty million listeners tuned to his weekly broadcasts during the 1930s." "His angry, strident tone has been viewed in academic literature as being  […]

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Affordable Housing

I ran across this interesting article today. The website is from John Pratt where he is mostly discussing calendars and such, but this page come from his (now deceased) brother James Pratt. Here he discusses affordable housing, including topics like  […]

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Professor Gerard Casey (anarchism)

This week I listened to an interesting discussion on the Tom Woods show, with Gerard Casey, about many of the early "Anarchist" thinkers from the last couple of hundred years. Ep. 1047 Early Anarchists, from Godwin to Spooner — What Did They Believe? The only ones they didn't cover were  […]

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