Investment Journal for December 2019

I have heard from many sources how helpful it is to keep track of what you buy and sell ,and why, to look back later and analyze the moves. So here is the first month, as I get back into saving up money and putting it into stocks, or ETFs.

12/16/19 I started buying some Natural Gas Services (NGS), Midland TX, for $11.90 because of their low price to book and no debt. They sell compressors to the natural gas extractors, so their business is very low because of the low NG prices. 12/31/19 $12.26 so I have unrealize appreciation of 3%

12/24/19 I bought some Crimson Wine Group Limited (CWGL), Napa Valley CA, for $6.84 because of the low price to their real estate holdings. They have low debt, but have not been making money lately. Insiders have been buying it for quite a while. I will have to hold it for a long time and see what good things might happen. 12/31/19 $7.40 so unrealize 8%

I also bought some Chesapeake stock, biggest building in OKC, at this time and kept trying to catch a falling knife. They were losing money and had extreme debt. They did a reverse 1-200 stock split and I lost 80% on that idea. The main lesson here is that high debt makes it hard to survive low commodity prices. A secondary lesson is to avoid these extreme cases, since it forced my hand and it sold my stock at the bottom. I couldn't even hold on for their 2 dead cat bounces from daytraders. down (80%)

S&P up 3% for the Month

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